No CAGE, it’s precisely because Hope Not Hate challenge hate that you were included in their report

24 February 2017

There’s no question we live in an era of fake news, propaganda and so-called “alternative facts.”  But the reality is, is that some organisations have spent the last few years turning this into a fine art before these terms were even fashionable. 

Take CAGE for example. To put it mildly, they were rather upset that the highly reputable and long standing anti-extremism group, Hope Not Hate (HnH) (who have done excellent work exposing the networks and influence of Al-Muhajiroon,) highlighted the activism and statements of CAGE; a report that I had written based on evidence I had researched and collected.As a result they issued a blog claiming that HnH “failed to understand hate” and that the organisation “had become a platform for Home Office propaganda.” 

To those of us who live in the real world, and who are familiar with the work of HnH, one could only laugh at such a ridiculous claim. Not, however for the conspiracy theory driven folk at CAGE.

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