Sara giving a speech for the Home Office Confronting Extremism Together campaign

Commission for Countering Extremism: Achievements and Reflections

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10 years in Inspire gave me first hand insight into how extremists operate in our country today

It has been an honour; and the lived and eye-opening experience I gained during my time at Inspire will come in great use as I move on into my new role as Lead Commissioner of the Commission for Countering Extremism.

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5Pillars UK: What are British Islamists thinking?

Despite the global rise of Islamist extremism, the response to it here has been unfortunately predictable and highly counter-productive…

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No CAGE, it’s precisely because Hope Not Hate challenge hate that you were included in their report

There’s no question we live in an era of fake news, propaganda and so-called “alternative facts.”  But the reality is, is that some organisations have spent the last few years turning this into a fine art before these terms were even fashionable.

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