The Battle for British Islam: Reclaiming Muslim Identity from Extremism by Sara Khan with Tony McMahon (October 2016)

Across Britain, Muslims are caught in a battle over the very nature of their faith. And extremists appear to be gaining the upper hand. Sara Khan has spent the past decade campaigning for tolerance and equal rights within Muslim communities, and is now engaged in a new struggle for justice and understanding the urgent need to counter Islamist-inspired extremism.

In this timely and courageous book, Khan shows how previously antagonistic groups of fundamentalist Muslims have joined forces, creating pressures that British society has never before encountered. What is more, identity politics and the attitudes of both the far Right and ultra-Left have combined to give the Islamists ever-increasing power to spread their message.

Unafraid to tackle some of the pressing issues of our time, Sara Khan addresses the question of how to break the cycle of extremism without alienating British Muslims. She calls for all Britons to reject divisive ideologies and introduces us to those individuals who are striving to build a safer future.

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‘An impressive book … [This] book deftly examines the roots and growth of Muslim extremism in the UK and would have been invaluable for that alone. But it stands for something more. It is a powerful cri de coeur. British society, Khan urges, must stand with reforming Muslims otherwise “extremists are the ones who will be left to define British Islam”‘.

– Times Literary Supplement


‘This is an important book full of compelling, disturbing and inspirational material, required reading to understand what is happening in our midst, and what we can do about it.’

 – Justin Marozzi, Sunday Times


‘Sara Khan is a fearless and principled voice in the struggle for the soul of Islam. Everyone who cares about combatting prejudice should read her, befriend her and fight alongside her.’

– Nick Cohen

Challenging Hateful Extremism (October 2019)

A strategic assessment of extremism across England and Wales and introduction of hateful extremist activity distinct to terrorism. Also includes the only independent review of the Government’s 2015 Counter-Extremism strategy by Sara as Counter-Extremism Commissioner.

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On the publication of “Challenging Hateful Extremism”

“What is extremism, exactly? How does it grow, what are its effects and how do we stop it? We’ve been having these debates for many years now. The response of Labour and Conservative governments was often to approach it in a way that turned the state into thought police, clamping down on civil liberties in the name of security.

But something interesting has happened. We now have an official report on the issue which rejects the failed approach of the past and embraces free speech and human rights. And most interestingly of all, in an age in which evidence-led policy making sometimes seems as if it’s on the brink of extinction, it is grounded in careful empirical and academic analysis.”
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Robert Sharp,

COVID-19: How hateful extremists are exploiting the pandemic (July 2020)

Report showing how extremists have sought to exploit the pandemic. Through the use of conspiracy theories and fake news, hateful extremists have used divisive, xenophobic and racist narratives to sow division and undermine the social fabric of our country.  Extremists were spreading disinformation and fake news about minority groups which have been used by sympathisers to incite hatred and violence.

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Operating with Impunity – Hateful Extremism the need for a legal framework (Feb 2021)

Co-authors Sara Khan and Sir Mark Rowley, former national lead for Counter Terrorism Police carried out a landmark legal review of hateful extremism published in February 2021. They demonstrate how extremists are able to operate lawfully due to a lack of legislation designed to capture the specific activity of hateful extremism. As the report evidences, hateful extremists are creating a climate conducive to hate crime, terrorism or other violence; or are attempting to erode and even destroy the fundamental rights and freedoms of our democratic society as protected under Article 17 of Schedule 1 to the Human Rights Act 1998.

A summary of the findings and recommendations can be read here.  The report was publicly supported by former prime ministers David Cameron and Tony Blair, the current head of UK counterterrorism policing, Neil Basu, and faith leaders including the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and Qari Asim the chair of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board.

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Commission for Countering Extremism: Achievements and Reflections Three years on

Summary report by Sara Khan documenting the achievements  of the Commission for Countering Extremism during her time as Lead Commissioner between 2018-2021.  You can read Sara’s blog here.

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