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‘There is no right not to be offended… and no one should live in fear for doing their job’

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“The woman who calls out extremists”, Hope Not Hate interview, September 2020

Nick Ryan speaks to Sara Khan, the UK’s counter-extremism lead, who is driving forwards a new strategy for tackling and defining extremism – but is government listening?

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Far Right and Islamist extremists are continuing to operate with virtual impunity in our country


Today, the Commission for Countering Extremism is launching a legal review to look at how effective existing laws are in dealing with hateful extremist activity in our country.


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We urgently need to reboot our tactics for countering extremism

Yesterday’s attack in Streatham by Sudesh Amman is yet another stark reminder of the persistent threat of terrorism facing our country. Two weeks ago the Government announced new counter-terrorism reforms — including tougher sentencing, an end to early releases and a review of the management of convicted terrorists. However, we also need to ensure we have effective deradicalisation programmes in place.

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