Sara’s areas of expertise include counter-extremism, societal resilience and cohesion, and human rights.

Consultancy, strategy and policy expertise

With her considerable professional experience and expertise working in both the private and public sector, Sara is available to provide a range of services including consultancy, policy strategy and training.  Get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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Leadership training

For 15 years Sara has been providing leadership training across a range of sectors and people. At the request of multiple local authorities across the UK, she has provided leadership training to ethnic minority women from disadvantaged backgrounds, furthering their employment chances and general wellbeing.  She has also provided training to universities, staff at schools and colleges, public bodies and regulators. Since 2019 Sara has been providing training to some of the most senior leaders from the public sector as part of the National Leadership Centre programme run by the Cabinet Office.

Sara giving a workshop in Bristol to a group of people around a table

Public and motivational speaking

Whether speaking at schools and universities, or at national and international conferences, both public and private, Sara’s ability to inspire and motivate others through her own lived experiences makes her a speaker in high demand.  Whether taking in part in delivering a lecture, a panel series or a Q&A, Sara enjoys presenting and debating as a speaker. If you are interested in booking Sara for an event please get in touch.

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Sara giving a speech for the Home Office Confronting Extremism Together campaign
Sara Khan being interviewed on BBC Newsnight

Writing and commentary

Sara has given many media interviews and been asked to provide expert analysis and opinion on a range of issues for national and international newspapers.

Some of those articles can be found here:

The New York Times:

Muslim women must take the lead in fighting extremists” 9th October 2014

The National (UAE):

‘Jihadi brides’ are not soldiers, they are exploited children” 14th March 2015