‘There is no right not to be offended… and no one should live in fear for doing their job’

3 April 2021 , The Times

As written by The Times; 03/04/2021

Sara Khan knows how it feels to face death threats and messages of hate. The Muslim from Bradford who was appointed this week as Boris Johnson’s independent adviser for social cohesion and resilience has had many since she began campaigning against extremism. On police advice she installed a fireproof letterbox at her home, having been attacked by the hard left and far right as well as Islamist groups.

The protests outside a school in Batley, West Yorkshire, after children were shown a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad have, however, made her more determined to challenge intolerance. “There is no right not to be offended,” she says. “The teacher was hounded and I found that just horrifying. No teacher should find themselves in a situation where they need police protection or they’re living in fear that they are going to be murdered by violent extremists simply for doing their job.”

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